Here you can find various accessories for our grinders, but if you are searching for something that you cannot find on this page, then please contact us with your request. 

Ultima-Tig / Ultima-Tig-Cut / Neutrix

Electrode clamps:

Item no.: Description:
44510158Electrode clamp, Diameter 0,8 mm
44510171Electrode clamp, Diameter 1,0 mm
44510161Electrode clamp, Diameter 1,2 mm
44510163Electrode clamp, Diameter 1,5 mm
44510162Electrode clamp, Diameter 1,6 mm
44510172Electrode clamp, Diameter 2,0 mm
44510164Electrode clamp, Diameter 2,4 mm
44510173Electrode clamp, Diameter 3,0 mm
44510165Electrode clamp, Diameter 3,2 mm
44510174Electrode clamp, Diameter 4,0 mm

Contact us for other sizes of electrode clamps.  

Ultima-Tig / Ultima-Tig-Cut / Neutrix

Special electrode clamps for grinding of short electrodes:

Item no.: Description
44511162Electrode clamp, Diameter 1,6 mm
44511164Electrode clamp, Diameter 2,4 mm
44511165Electrode clamp, Diameter 3,2 mm
44511171Electrode clamp, Diameter 1,0 mm
44511172Electrode clamp, Diameter 2,0 mm
44511173Electrode clamp, Diameter 3,0 mm
44511174Electrode clamp, Diameter 4,0 mm


Electrode clamps for electrodes of more than 4 mm in diameter:

Item no.: Description:
44510167Electrode clamp, Diameter 4,8 mm
44510175Electrode clamp, Diameter 5,0 mm
44510168Electrode clamp, Diameter 5,3 mm
44510176Electrode clamp, Diameter 6,0 mm
44510169Electrode clamp, Diameter 6,4 mm
44510170Electrode clamp, Diameter 8,0 mm


Neutrix table mount
Item no.: 44510270


Neutrix wall mount
Item no.: 44510280

Grinding fluid

Find our grinding fluids here.

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In connection with TIG-welding and plasma welding, it is crucial for welding quality that the tungsten electrode is ground at exactly the right angle. Inelco grinders ensure accurate and perfect welding on every occasion. With a solid position amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten grinders, our products are renowned for their unique quality, profitability and precision. Furthermore, our products represent an operator-friendly and eco-friendly solution.


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