NEUTRIX is a handheld and portable grinding machine that fulfils the equirements for safe and environmentally friendly grinding of Tungsten electrodes in high quality for TIG and plasma welding. Grinding in the longitudinal direction of the electrode, variable grinding angle, three grinding positions on the diamond disc and the electrode holder ensure efficient grinding.

Mobile and safe

The storage case and low weight make NEUTRIX ideal where there is a need to take the grinder with you. At the same time, the NEUTRIX, is equipped with an integrated dust filter that protects against the harmful grinding dust and collects the dust for safe disposal.

Short electrodes

NEUTRIX can grind electrodes down to lengths of 19 mm and even 15 mm with a special clamp, for example for orbital welding. The inspection cover on the grinder makes it easy to follow the grinding process and to ensure that the electrode is not generating sparks during grinding. This avoids the electrode being damaged by high temperatures.

Simple operation

Insert the electrode in electrode holder and lock it in the stick-out. Set the variable degree scale at the desired angle. Place the electrode holder in the grinder. Start the grinder and rotate the holder until it reaches the stop and the grinding isfinished.

Main features of Neutrix

  • Sealed grinding chamber and dust filter to protect the user
  • Variable angle setting gives more flexibility
  • The 3 positions of the diamond disc give optimal utilisation
  • Electrode holder ensures centring of the tip and reduces electrode waste •
  • Inspection cover so you can follow the grinding process
  • Powerful motor with speed adjustment

Standard unit includes

  • Complete grinder with diamond disc, filter and storage case
  • Electrode holder
  • Electrode clamps for Ø1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 mm electrodes (clamps are available for other electrode sizes).

Extra accessories

  • Foot for mounting on a work table
  • Electrode clamps for all electrodes from Ø0.8 – 4.0 mm
  • Electrode clamps for grinding extra short electrodes

Grinder facts

Electrode size: Ø0.8 – 4 mm
Min. length: 19 mm standard (15 mm with special electrode clamps)
Angles: 15° – 180° tip angle (7.5° – 90° grinding angle)

Technical specifications

Motor: 110V-50/60 Hz, 220V-50/60Hz
Motor effect: 850 W Weight: 2.8 kg
Speed: 22,000 – 28,000 rpm.
Grinding speed: 28 – 50 m/sec.


*NEUTRIX is patented, CE marked and meets all current EU regulations.

Youtube video

Adjustable tip angle from 15-180°

Adjustable tip angle from 15-180°

Precise adjustment of the electrode’s stick-out

Precise adjustment of the electrode’s stick-out

Complete grinder with diamond disc, filter and storage case

Complete grinder with diamond disc, filter and storage case

Integrated dust filter, that is easy to change

Integrated dust filter, that is easy to change

Foot for mounting on a work table

Foot for mounting on a work table

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In connection with TIG-welding and plasma welding, it is crucial for welding quality that the tungsten electrode is ground at exactly the right angle. Inelco grinders ensure accurate and perfect welding on every occasion. With a solid position amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten grinders, our products are renowned for their unique quality, profitability and precision. Furthermore, our products represent an operator-friendly and eco-friendly solution.


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