Neutrix – the flexible solution

Inelco Grinders’ mini portable grinder is easy to carry around and use when TIG welding and preparation of tungsten electrodes is required outside the workshop. Neutrix can grind electrodes all the way down to 15 mm thanks to a special electrode clamp. The sight glass ensures that grinding is precise and that the electrode does not get too hot. Neutrix has an integrated dust filter that collects toxic electrode dust to enable safe disposal.


Ultima-Tig – precision grinding guaranteed

Ultima-Tig keeps all of the promises made by Inelco Grinders with respect to precision grinding. Accurate grinding increases the number of re-ignitions, thereby prolonging the life of the electrodes. Using cold wet-grinding, the grinding time can be reduced without risk of damage to the electrode. Ultima-Tig is a wet grinder with a container that collects all toxic dust particles, enabling them to be disposed of safely.


Ultima-Tig-Cut – ultimate precision grinding and cutting

The Ultima-Tig-Cut model has dual functions: precision grinding and cutting of tungsten electrodes.
The electrodes can be ground all the way down to 8 mm, thereby minimising waste of the expensive electrodes. Tips can be cut to precise lengths and angles for use in all specific TIG welding operations, including orbital and robot welding. Ultima-Tig-Cut is an eco-friendly wet grinder that collects all toxic dust particles, enabling them to be disposed of safely.


AutoGrind – efficiency and reliability

With an AutoGrind module on Ultima-Tig-Cut or Ultima-Tig you can be sure of the same degree of accurate grinding each and every time, as this is what AutoGrind is all about – efficiency and reliability.
This means a much more efficient process – and better welding. For welding operators, AutoGrind is more ergonomic, since repetitive movements of the arms and wrists are avoided.


Benefits for employees
– benefits for business

Inelco Grinders are beneficial in terms of health for employees and ensure better operating economy for businesses – and what could be better than that …!

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In connection with TIG-welding and plasma welding, it is crucial for welding quality that the tungsten electrode is ground at exactly the right angle. Inelco grinders ensure accurate and perfect welding on every occasion. With a solid position amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten grinders, our products are renowned for their unique quality, profitability and precision. Furthermore, our products represent an operator-friendly and eco-friendly solution.


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