Precision grinding – part of the secret

A good, durable and strong TIG weld has to be done
right. To do this, it is important that the tungsten
electrode is ground precisely, otherwise, the
weld will not be correct. Such precision requires
experience and skill.
At Inelco Grinders, we are not good at keeping
secrets, so we might as well tell it like it is: With a
really good tungsten grinder, you get both higher
quality welds and cash savings!
And Inelco Grinders have developed just such a
machine! Or more precisely, Inelco Grinders have
developed such machines, as we have a number of
good grinders for tungsten electrodes.

What they all have in common is…

  • That the electrodes are ground and centred with 100% precision, so it is easier to achieve topquality welds.
  • Full adjustability ensures the proper angle every time.
  • Waste of electrodes during grinding is minimised with each grinding job.
  • Grinding is not needed as often when the electrode has been ground with an Inelco grinder.
  • Inelco Grinders can grind down to 8 mm, and that translates to savings.
How many and how often
Fewer and less often. That
is the short answer. Fewer
electrodes are needed, and
they don’t require grinding
as often.
All in all, benefiting
the bottom line!
Unevenness in the grinding can have major consequences for the quality of the weld. Precision grinding ensures high and
uniform quality of the weld.