A friend when it’s most needed

Danske Hospitalsklovne is a charity founded in 2003. Our head office is located in Copenhagen, but we work throughout the country. We visit hospitalized children and families in various facilities throughout the country. As a clown association, our most important task is to create a safe and positive experience for the child in the hospital. The hospital clown brings smiles and joy to hospitalized children and families when it is most needed.

The hospital clown transforms the hospital room into a loving room full of play and magic, and together with the child, they create a universe where everything is possible. The hospitalized child gets a colorful and confidential friend who can open up the child’s desire to play, but also gives him a chance to talk about the thoughts and concerns that may arise with admission. The hospital clown is a safe hand to hold onto when life hurts.

Our work is only possible with donations from private individuals, foundations and sponsors. Contributions that are not earmarked – that is, donated for a particular purpose – help to give our association the freedom to act where the need is greatest.

Our goal is to reach all hospitalized children who can benefit from a hospital clown.

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