Inelco Grinders, a renowned tungsten grinder manufacturer in Denmark, is launching its first international welding school contest from September 23rd to October 22nd. Any welding school/program or training center can enter to win a quality tungsten grinder!


1. Create a short video (max. 5 min) in which a student, teacher or school representative explains why your school program needs a tungsten grinder. Make it original to win more votes and get better chances to win!

2. Sign up for the contest on September 23rd : ENTER TO WIN HERE

3. Invite people around you to vote for your video. That’s it!

The earlier you submit your video, the better your chances to win.

Your school can submit as many videos as they want, but it might not be to your advantage. Votes on videos can’t be cumulated. Only one video can win.

Contest ends on October 22nd, get your videos ready, it only takes a few minutes and each participating school will get a special something at the end of the contest!

• Clearly state in the video the name of your school, your country and why your school needs a tungsten grinder.• The video that gets the most vote wins.
• One Ultima-Tig tungsten grinder by Inelco Grinders will be delivered free of charge to the school stated in the winning video.
• We start accepting video entries from Monday September 23rd at 8am (Central European Time) until Tuesday October 22nd at 8pm (Central European Time).
• Anyone can vote up to ONCE A DAY
• The winner will be announced on Wednesday Oct. 23rd.

Let’s create a safer environment in welding schools together, starting with the grinding process.
Too many accidents can occur by using bench grinders. Fingers can get caught in machine components and there is a risk of eye/face injury due to wheel disintegration, misadjusted components or missing guards. The tungsten dust can also cause respiratory diseases and are considered very dangerous to anyone’s health. Students can get pulmonary disorders from dust inhalation. By using one of our grinders, your school is guaranteed to prevent any hazard and health condition, but can also save on tungsten electrodes and get better TIG welding results.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
We wish you the best of luck!