The safest grinders for tungsten electrodes – Inelco’s grinders are the safest for employees and the environment.

When developing our grinders, we have attached great importance to safety, with our clear goal being to make the grinders the safest on the market. All our grinders therefore have a fully enclosed grinding chamber, which seals in the dust from the electrodes as they are ground, as well as an electrode holder that means that the operator never has to hold the electrode in his or her hand.

The welder thus has optimum protection against inhalation of the harmful dust that is produced when grinding the electrodes. Furthermore, it is not possible to get your fingers caught in the grinding disc, and industrial accidents caused by electrodes “flying” out of your hand while grinding can be avoided completely.

Inelco Grinders therefore have health and safety benefits for your employees and better operating economy for your business – what more could you ask for!