Precise truncating of ground tungsten electrode tips
Separate module designed for Ultima-TIG, Ultima-TIG-S and Ultima-TIG-Cut

New Truncator module

Our new Truncator is a separate module, designed and engineered for truncating of ground tungsten electrodes for TIG welding. The new Truncator module can be mounted on our well-known Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut grinders. Besides we offer a special version for Ultima-TIG-S.

Easy to use

1. Grind an electrode tip on your Ultima-TIG.
2. Loosen the electrode from the electrode holder and secure it in the adjustment for the Truncator
3. Insert the electrode holder in the Truncator.
4. With the grinder switched on, press the electrode holder in to truncate the electrode tip.
5. Switch off the grinder and remove the electrode from the electrode holder.

The size of the truncated tip can easily be adjusted to any desired diameter.

Special double module with two positions is available, if there is a need for two different electrode tips.

The Truncator also works with AutoGrind Digital mounted on the Ultima-TIG.

For better welding results

There are mainly two reasons to truncate the tip of the freshly ground electrode.

1) In high-current applications, the truncated geometry eliminates the risk of melting off the tip into the weld pool, causing contamination.

2) In AC applications, the truncated geometry reduces the risk of obtaining an excessive ball at the tip. Knowing that an excessive ball causes an unstable arc and might fall and contaminate the weld.

Main features of new Truncator module

  • Precise truncation of tungsten electrodes
  • Various positions on the grinding disc
  • Eliminates the risk of melting off the tip into the weld pool, causing contamination
  • Ideal for AC welding where it reduces the risk of obtaining an excessive ball at the tip

The Truncator module includes

  • Truncator module
  • Grinding disc for truncating
  • Grinder mounting screws (for mounting on the grinder)



For mounting on older versions of Ultima- TIG/-S/-Cut (serial no starting with 2036 or lower) you need two extra holes on the front of the grinding module. A toolset with drill and thread tap or a new grinding console can be ordered with the following item numbers:

 Item No
Toolset with drill and tap 75523030
Grinding console 44520000
Grinding console complete 75523020


Grinder Model Truncator Item no
Ultima-TIG Single 75523010
Ultima-TIG-Cut Single 75523010
Ultima-TIG-S Single 75523011
Ultima-TIG Double 75523012
Ultima-TIG-Cut Double 75523012
Ultima-TIG-S Double 75523013


Truncator single module for Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut.
Truncator double module for Ultima-TIG and Ultima- TIG-Cut.
Truncator single module for Ultima-TIG-S.
Truncator double module for Ultima-TIG-S.