Inelco Grinders Getting Ready for HI Trade Fair

Inelco Grinders is gearing up for the HI Trade Fair in Herning, Denmark, where they will present their innovative grinding solutions, including the Ultima-TIG series, Truncator, and AutoGrind Digital, at stand C2556. These cutting-edge products offer environmentally friendly and cost-effective advancements in TIG welding technology.

On the horizon awaits one of the most exciting industrial events of the year, the HI Trade Fair in Herning, Denmark. This year, we at Inelco Grinders have decided to participate in this significant event, where we will showcase our grinders and their precision grinding technology at stand C2556. A special focus will be on the Ultima-TIG series, along with the add-ons Truncator and AutoGrind Digital. These products represent a step forward towards more efficient and precise TIG welding, featuring environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Ultima-TIG: Cost-effective Grinding

Ultima-TIG is our environmentally friendlier wet grinder for tungsten electrodes used in TIG welding, minimizing wastage of the costly electrodes. Our unique construction includes a container that automatically collects dust particles, ensuring they do not end up in the environment. We take pride in our sustainability efforts, making it easier for users to send the tungsten dust for recycling. The returned grinding dust is cleaned and reused for applications like tools, electronic components, or aircraft parts, thereby saving the environment from CO2 emissions for every kilogram of recycled tungsten dust. This groundbreaking approach reflects our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future.

Truncator: Enhanced Electrode Tip Truncation

We have also introduced an innovative solution called the Truncator. This separate module is designed for truncating the tip of the ground tungsten electrode used in TIG welding. The Truncator module can be easily attached to our Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut grinders. It can even work in conjunction with AutoGrind Digital on the Ultima-TIG.

AutoGrind Digital: Precise, Simple, and Swift Electrode Grinding

We are also introducing AutoGrind Digital, an automated grinding process that ensures precise and uniform electrode grinding.  It is also the best ergonomic solution for the user, because the electrode holder’s automatic rotation means no more repeated movements in the wrist and arm. It ensures a quick replacement of the electrode in the welding torch, because there is no need to adjust each electrode separately. AutoGrind Digital is designed to be mounted on our Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut grinders and can handle electrodes up to Ø4 mm.

Our participation at the HI Trade Fair is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our latest advancements in grinding technology. The Ultima-TIG series, along with the Truncator and AutoGrind Digital, showcases our dedication to delivering effective, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly solutions for TIG welding. Visitors to the fair will have the chance to explore these products and discover how they can enhance welding quality and productivity.

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