Revolutionizing Precision in Valve Technology: m-tech’s Commitment to Excellence

We have been on a small tour to visit important German clients. It is very interesting to see the various industries our grinders are utilized. On this tour, we met Torben Schmelzer and Mario Beck from m-tech GmbH in Forchtenberg, Germany. Read our interview here.

At the forefront of valve technology, m-tech, a leading developer of customized high-pressure solutions, emphasizes precision and customer collaboration. With a global presence, m-tech’s valves and filling systems for industrial, medical, and specialty gases have set industry standards.

In the realm of valve technology, where weld seams operate under intense pressures of up to 600 bar, precision is not just a requirement; it’s a safety imperative.

Bernd Tenschert, the Sales Manager for Germany at Inelco Grinders, along with Sofie Zachariassen, Inelco Grinders’ Marketing & Sustainability representative, had the privilege of exploring the state-of-the-art facilities at m-tech in Forchtenberg, Germany, guided by Torben Schmelzer and Mario Beck, in the department by Christoph Ender. During the visit it became clear what an important role technology and precision play at in m-Tech’s operations, evident in every aspect of their processes.

For m-tech, a pioneer in developing high-pressure solutions, the quest for precision in TIG welding is paramount. Special materials, demanding special welding expertise and testing, find their match in the TIG welding process—crucial for both manual and orbital welding in m-tech’s systems.

But precision in welding goes beyond the choice of technique. It extends to the very heart of electrode grinding, an indispensable aspect for weld seams that carry an exceptional safety burden. The stringent requirements for electrode grinding align seamlessly with m-tech’s dedication to safety. The weld seams must correspond 100% to the high safety standards of the systems that work under pressures of 350 – 600 bar. This emphasis on precision welding is not merely a choice; it’s a necessity. Enter the Ultima-TIG-Cut grinder by Inelco Grinders, a game-changer for m-tech.

The precision offered by variable angle settings and the centring of the tip due to the electrode holder address the unique demands of m-tech’s valve systems. In a sector where different closed and open orbital clamps cater to various tube diameters, each requiring a specific electrode length, the Cut module becomes invaluable. Instead of costly purchases of different lengths, m-tech efficiently adapts electrode sizes, optimizing heat input, root detection, and welding speed.

The Truncator add-on becomes a silent hero in this precision-driven narrative. As m-tech seeks to achieve optimal results with varying electrode lengths at different seams, the Truncator proves to be important. It’s not just about cost-effectiveness; it’s about achieving the perfect balance in heat application, ensuring accuracy of the arc, and enhancing welding speed and time.

Yet, the commitment to precision extends beyond the welding process. m-tech’s partnership with Inelco Grinders represents more than a transaction—it embodies shared values in environmental responsibility and safety. Regular servicing of equipment and the recycling of Tungsten dust underline m-tech’s dedication to sustainability.

As m-tech continues to shape the future of valve technology, their collaboration with Inelco Grinders stands as a testament to the transformative impact of precision welding on industry standards. In a sector where precision isn’t just a virtue but a lifeline, m-tech and Inelco Grinders are setting new benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and environmental awareness.

Read more about m-tech on their website here.

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