What do you do with your Tungsten waste?

Recycle your Tungsten waste free of cost and avoid contamination of the environment! Read more about how to dispose of Tungsten waste in a safe way.

We have the solution for you!

Did you know that potential inhalation and intake of Tungsten particles not only occurs during the grinding process with a grinder without dust collection, but also during the handling and because of improper disposal of the grinding dust. Other Tungsten grinders without correct gathering of the grinding dust require sweeping it off the floor or even while using an extraction system there is a risk when handling the filter. With the Ultima-TIG, dangerous handling of the dust can be avoided and with the dust collector this process is made easier. 

All risks can be avoided using a secure Tungsten grinder which captures 100% of the dust! 

The general population may be exposed to Tungsten through inhalation of air and consumption of food due to improper disposal of Tungsten particles. This may occur especially in the areas near industries that process or use Tungsten or its compounds, where the Tungsten particles can be found in the air, soil and water. Correct handling of the grinding dust is returning the full container to a local distributor or Inelco Grinders.

What do you do with a full dust collector?

Well you can return the full dust collector along with full Neutrix filters and / or remaining electrode ends to your distributor or we can collect it free of cost for you!

Furthermore, by returning your Tungsten waste to us, we will ensure to send it to recycling, which is then cleaned and reused for tools, electronic components, or aircraft parts, etc., and thus you save the environment from CO2 for every kg of Tungsten dust that is recycled. It is generally considered that the extraction and production of Tungsten has an extensive and negative impact on the climate, therefore help us to reduce this by recycling your Tungsten waste here!

For the time being, we are only handling the return of Tungsten waste within EU countries. However, it is possible to facilitate a return within Norway and Switzerland as long as the package weighs a minimum of 10 kg. If you want to return your Tungsten waste to recycle and you are located outside of the EU, please contact us anyway as we hope to expand this initiative further.

If you have any questions about our Tungsten grinders or our recycling programe, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to help you with all your welding and metalworking needs.

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