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Orbital welding is more precise than manual welding since it is performed by a machine. Parameters such as arc length, travel speed and amperage are constant during the welding process. There is no possibility of adjustment during the process, therefore, a precise and correctly ground electrode is of high importance to assure an easy ignition and a stable arc, which is essential for obtaining the correct welding result.

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Precise and safe grinding are among the main features of our grinders, which benefit orbital welding as this improves the welding process and result. When orbital welding, a truncated tip is occasionally desired or even necessary, if this is the case, our Ultima-TIG series can we equipped with our Truncator add-on. For welding small pipes, the Ultima-TIG-Cut can cut the electrode down to 8 mm to fit all orbital welding heads on the market today.

  • Precise angle of the electrode when grinding
  • Safety for the welder
  • High-cost savings on electrodes
  • Reduces CO2 emissions


Read about client cases below, to learn more about how using our grinders have provided our clients with savings on electrodes, improved the welders’ safety and have made the grinding process more efficient.

Client producing high-pressure valves of great quality

At the forefront of valve technology, m-tech, a leading developer of customized high-pressure solutions, emphasizes precision and customer collaboration. With a global presence, m-tech’s valves and filling systems for industrial, medical, and specialty gases have set industry standards.

The Truncator add-on becomes a silent hero in this precision-driven narrative. As m-tech seeks to achieve optimal results with varying electrode lengths at different seams, the Truncator proves to be important. Read more.


Better savings. Better health. Better quality.

Our products help our customers set optimal health & safety working conditions with our technology that improves welding quality & efficiency as well as creates considerable savings on Tungsten electrodes to increase profit.

Health & safety

Sealed machine and collection of the dust particles for optimal safety

Profit & savings

Minimal waste of Tungsten electrodes ensures savings and increases profits

Quality & efficiency

Variable angle setting of electrode tip and precise grinding improve welding quality


We aim to help our customers save natural resources and reduce climate impact

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