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At Inelco Grinders we care about providing the best grinder possible that consequently creates the best conditions for the weld. Hence, we ensure accurate and precise grinding of the electrode for every weld. With our grinders you will experience less waste of the electrodes compared to waste from throwing out short electrodes, from lack of precision and from breaking off the tip after dip, which often are consequences of using open belt or bench grinders.

Using our grinders inevitably provide the welders with an improved and safer work environment, as our grinders reduce work accidents when grinding. Furthermore, due to the dust collector of the Tungsten particles, the welder avoids inhalations of the harmful particles, as well as facilitates safe disposal of the grinding particles.

With a solid position among the world’s leading manufacturers of Tungsten grinders, our products are renowned for their unique quality, profitability and precision. Furthermore, our products represent an operator-friendly and eco-friendly solution.


We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and answers below. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with one of our skilled staff.

Is grinding Tungsten electrodes dangerous?
All welders wear a helmet and mask when welding and extraction systems are installed to improve the working environment for the welders. But several times a day, when Tungsten electrodes have to be ground, welders often use an open belt or bench grinder putting themselves at risk. When grinding Tungsten electrodes, welders are exposed to hazardous dust inhalation, metal particle projections and a higher risk of accidents due to direct contact with the grinding wheel or belt. To improve the welders' safety when grinding, we strongly recommend using one of our safe grinders, which all collect the grinding dust and where the grinding of the electrode takes place in a closed chamber.
Why is consistency in grinding the electrode important?
A precise angle is not only important for the quality of the welding seam; the number of re-ignitions between re-grinding is also increased. Working with an open belt or bench grinder lacks precision. The welder will need more attempts to get the correct geometry required for the weld. With every regrind comes a loss of app. 1mm-2mm. Using an angle adjustment and clamping system centres the electrode, so that the grinding is carried out in the desired angle and correct longitudinal direction of the electrode.
At what angle can you grind Tungsten electrodes?
The angle varies depending on the welding application and the welding parameters and it is important to choose the right angle to give the best welding result. All our grinders are equipped with a variable angle setting, so no matter what angle you prefer, our grinders can grind it.
How much can I grind the electrode?
The average length of an electrode is between 150mm and 175mm and most often, a welder will throw it out when it reaches approximately 50mm in length. This means that more than 25 % of the electrode will never be put to use. Our grinders can grind electrodes as short as 8mm, so much more of the electrode will be used for welding and waste of the electrode is reduced.
How much can I save on average per year?
This depends entirely on how much the individual TIG welder welds, where and what welding application is used. However, WE can calculate this with the help of our calculator app. In this app we can make a calculation on the basis of the customer’s data. Contact us if we need to make a calculation of your savings.
Can I try an Inelco grinder before buying one?
Yes, we offer our customers a free demonstration, provided by one of our professional distributors near you. Please click the "Book a demo" button or contact us!
What to do with the grinding dust?
We recycle the grinding dust from grinding Tungsten electrodes, as we at Inelco Grinders would like to contribute to a more sustainable development. You therefore have the option of sending your grinding dust for recycling completely free of charge.

An economical choice

Minimal waste means better economy

Tungsten electrodes that can be ground further down each time translate to savings on the bottom line. In other words: Inelco Grinders don’t just grind Tungsten electrodes, they also trim the top off of company expenses.

  • Savings in electrode consumption means shorter return on investment
  • A correctly ground Tungsten electrode has a longer service life
  • Grinding shorter means less waste of expensive electrodes


Win for the workers – win for the company

Inelco Grinders offer safer and healthier working environment for the welders and a better economy for the companies – so why not benefit from more safety when it improves the economy?

Variable angle setting gives more flexibility
Sealed grinding chamber to protect the user from toxic dust particles
High grinding speed provides faster grinding and a smooth surface
Wet grinding prevents overheating of the electrode during grinding
Overheat protection built in
Easy disposal of dust particles
Dust collector that collects toxic dust particles


Precision grinding – part of the secret

A good, durable and strong TIG weld has to be done right. To do this, it is important that the Tungsten electrode is ground precisely, otherwise, the weld will not be correct. Such precision requires experience and skill.

At Inelco Grinders, we are not good at keeping secrets, so we might as well tell it like it is: With a really good Tungsten grinder, you get both higher quality welds and cash savings.

A non-centred tip does not ensure that the welding is in the exact right position

A centred tip ensures high and uniform quality of the weld

The environmentally

conscious journey

We contribute to sustainability

Inelco Grinders is becoming more environmentally conscious in which we aim to help our customers save natural resources in terms of the extraction and production of Tungsten, as it is considered to have an extensive and negative impact on the climate. Thus, we intend to examine possibilities of reducing our customers’ carbon footprint as well as our own.

Using our grinders minimises waste of Tungsten electrodes thanks to the precision of the grinding machines, as the loss with every regrind reduces considerably in comparison to hand grinding.

In addition to minimising the waste of Tungsten electrodes, all our grinders are equipped with a dust collector, which prevents the toxic grinding particles from polluting the environment and ensures safe disposal. We continuously strive to become more and more sustainable. Our first steps in reducing our own CO2 emissions involve reducing, sorting, and recycling our own waste. Going forward, all our development projects will have a focus on sustainability.

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Our Tungsten grinders reduce the use of Tungsten electrodes by up to 50%. Are you interested in evaluating how much you can save and how our grinders can meet your welding needs? Please enter your information below and we will ensure that the nearest distributor will contact you to find the best solution that suits you.

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Our Tungsten grinders reduce the use of Tungsten electrodes by up to 50%. Are you interested in evaluating how much you can save and how our grinders can meet your welding needs? Please enter your information below and we will ensure that the nearest distributor will contact you to find the best solution that suits you.