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by grinding your Tungsten electrodes

Our calculator is designed to calculate material waste when grinding Tungsten electrodes, which helps you to optimize your production and reduce costs. Simply enter the relevant parameters and the calculator will give you an estimate of the waste.

The number of electrodes entered is too low compared to the number of welders.
Electrode waste
Information we have calculated as an average
Cost savings
Working hours saved
72 h.
Electrodes saved
209 pcs.
Grinding by hand

Other benefits

As proven with our calculator, the Ultima-TIG grinder is not only the best economical choice - no there is even more benefits you can experience when you make the switch to an Ultima-TIG grinder.

Health & safety

When you grind your Tungsten electrodes with the Ultima-TIG grinder, you avoid inhaling the dust particles and prevent accidents. With wet grinding you also avoid overheating the electrode when grinding.
Read more about health benefits here

Quality & efficiency

Properly grinding your Tungsten electrode ensures smoother arc ignition and significantly improves welding performance. Tailoring the grinding angle to your specific needs, whether it's a sharper point for arc stability or a truncated tip for deeper penetration, can make all the difference.
Read more about the many benefits of welding with a truncating the tip here.

Average data (based on calculation)

Length of electrodes (mm) 175
Electrode diameter Ø (mm) 2,4
Typical tip angle (*) 30
Average length when discarded (mm) 55
Minimum usable length (mm) 25
Dips per day/welder 4
Break off length (mm) 5
Working days/year 225
Regrinds per day/welder 8

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