The original grinding liquid

EP770 – Grinding liquid

Our grinding liquid has been specifically developed for our wet grinders – Ultima-TIG, Ultima-TIG-Cut, Ultima-TIG- S and Neutra. It cools and lubricates the grinding process to ensure optimal grinding conditions.


  • Protects against corrosion of all components in the grinding chamber.
  • Has a cooling effect on both the diamond disc and electrode during grinding operations.
  • Gives enhanced results with more finely ground surface of the electrode.
  • Can be stored unopened at least 6 months and 1 month if opened.


Quality grinding of Tungsten electrodes

In order to ensure optimum utilisation and protection of our wet grinders – Ultima-TIG, Ultima-TIG-Cut and Neutra – it is important to use the original grinding liquid, EP770. It is also crucial that there is sufficient grinding liquid in the grinding chamber. Without this liquid, or if the liquid level is too low in the grinding chamber, the electrode and the grinder itself will quickly get too hot.

Ordinary tap water is not a viable alternative, as this will result in corrosion of the components in the grinding chamber. Moreover, water does not have the same lubricating and cooling effect as grinding liquid – which will result in lower quality in terms of grinding. Other grinding liquids generally provide poorer protection against corrosion – and may result in both the liquid and the dust sticking to the grinding disc, thus causing it to lose its grinding capacity.

The original grinding liquid

The combination of liquid for cooling and a high grinding speed of the diamond disc results in a polished and even surface of the Tungsten electrode. In addition, the cool wet grinding shortens the grinding time and prevents overheated and damaged electrodes.


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EP770 grinding liquid is available in the following capacities

Item no.: Description
75494500 Dust collector with grinding liquid
75491200 Grinding liquid 250 ml
75494000 Grinding liquid 5 L
75491301 250 ml concentrate for 5 L grinding liquid
75491300 3 L concentrate for 60 L grinding liquid
75491305 4,5 L concentrate for 90 L grinding liquid
75491201 Return bottle (empty) for grinding liquid 250 ml
75491225 Tap for 5 L container

The grinding liquid contains:

  • Grinding coolant
  • Color
  • Preservative
  • Water

Disposal of used grinding liquid must always be carried out in accordance with local legislation. As there are residues of grinding dust in the used liquid, information on the electrode data sheet concerning the disposal of electrode residues must be taken into account. Ask the supplier for the data sheet, if required. Disposal of clean grinding liquid should take place with other oleaginous chemicals.

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