Recycling of Tungsten grinding dust

We have entered into an agreement on the recycling of grinding dust from Tungsten grinding, as we at Inelco Grinders would like to contribute to a more sustainable development. As a user of our grinders, you can also contribute to this by returning your grinding dust and electrode residues to us – free of charge for you.

Below you can order collection of full dust collectors. It can be one or more dust collectors from the Ultima-TIG and Neutra grinders, but it can also be the filters from the Neutrix grinder and remaining Tungsten electrodes ends. There just needs to be at least 800 g of Tungsten in a shipment so that the return does not emit more CO2 than the recycling saves. That’s why we want there to be more in the package – because the more that is sent in a package, the more sustainable it will be, however, it must weigh a maximum of 20 kg according to EU regulation EC1012/2006 on the transfer of waste.

Returning your Tungsten waste

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For the time being, we are only handling the return of Tungsten waste within EU countries. However, it is possible to facilitate a return within Norway and Switzerland as long as the package weighs a minimum of 10 kg. If you want to return your Tungsten waste to recycle and you are located outside of the EU, please contact us anyway as we hope to expand this initiative further.

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Did you know?

Did you know that the returned grinding dust is cleaned and reused for e.g. tools, electronics components or aircraft parts and thus save the environment of CO2 for every kg of Tungsten dust that is recycled?

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