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When working with automated TIG welding processes, everything must be perfectly planned in advance, because of the autonomy of the entire process. Sometimes an automated TIG process is a very complex process built up of several small sub-processes. This calls for excellent quality in each step, including a consistent grinding angle, a flawless ignition and a stable arc. It is important, especially with automated TIG welding, that the tip of the Tungsten electrode is centred.

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Precise and safe grinding are among the main features of our grinders, which is a requirement when executing automated welding. To further ensure consistent grinding of the electrodes to automated welding, an automated grinding process is recommended as to achieve a fast and constant ground Tungsten electrode every time. Our Ultima-TIG-Cut can prepare electrodes of every necessary length, if shorter electrodes are needed for the automated welding application. Our grinders also reduce waste of electrodes, which leads to huge savings.

  • Precise angle of the electrode when grinding
  • Safety for the welder
  • High-cost savings on electrodes
  • Automated grinding process to match automated welding process


Read about client cases below, to learn more about how using our grinders have provided our clients with savings on electrodes, improved the welders’ safety and have made the grinding process more efficient.

Automated welding demands consistent grinding of electrodes

A German luxury car brand who welds their exhaust systems in stainless steel, utilize an automated welding process and therefore requires the quality of the grinding to be top of the class. The quality refers to a consistent grinding angle every time as well as having a fast grinding process, which the automated grinding process can offer. Read more


Better savings. Better health. Better quality.

Our products help our customers set optimal health & safety working conditions with our technology that improves welding quality & efficiency as well as creates considerable savings on Tungsten electrodes to increase profit.

Health & safety

Sealed machine and collection of the dust particles for optimal safety

Profit & savings

Minimal waste of Tungsten electrodes ensures savings and increases profits

Quality & efficiency

Variable angle setting of electrode tip and precise grinding improve welding quality


We aim to help our customers save natural resources and reduce climate impact

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