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Plasma welding is an advanced form of TIG welding, as it is stronger and more powerful, and can weld thicker materials as well as offer a faster welding process. Plasma welding is often automated and may utilize larger electrode diameters. This calls for excellent quality in each step, including a consistent grinding angle, a flawless ignition and a stable arc. A more precise grinder dedicated to grinding Tungsten electrodes is essential, as a uniform geometry ensures a stable arc.

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Precise and safe grinding are among the main features of our grinders, which is a requirement when executing plasma welding. Our Ultima-TIG-S can grind electrode diameters up to 8mm. If truncating the tip is necessary for an optimal plasma weld, our Ultima-TIG series can we equipped with our Truncator add-on. Our grinders also reduce waste of electrodes, which leads to huge savings.

  • Precise angle of the electrode when grinding
  • Safety for the welder
  • High-cost savings on electrodes
  • Automated grinding process to ensure faster execution


Better savings. Better health. Better quality.

Our products help our customers set optimal health & safety working conditions with our technology that improves welding quality & efficiency as well as creates considerable savings on Tungsten electrodes to increase profit.

Health & safety

Sealed machine and collection of the dust particles for optimal safety

Profit & savings

Minimal waste of Tungsten electrodes ensures savings and increases profits

Quality & efficiency

Variable angle setting of electrode tip and precise grinding improve welding quality


We aim to help our customers save natural resources and reduce climate impact

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