Most TIG welders grind the electrodes by hand, often up to 8-10 times a day.

This process is uneconomical for the company, inconvenient and unhealthy for the employees, and inadequate for today’s environmental standards; all of which can be avoided using an Ultima-Tig grinder. The material savings alone are so substantial that an Ultima-Tig grinder pays for itself in approximately one year, if used by 5-6 welders.

Grinding with an Ultima-Tig machine comes with immediate benefits:

  • Reduction of the consumption of tungsten electrodes for TIG welding by up to 50 %
  • Extension of TIG welding time by up to 40 % per grinding
  • Uniform welding of high quality all the time
  • Minimized wasteful production of crooked electrodes
  • No more injured employees during grinding
  • All carcinogenic grinding dust is captured for the benefit of the employees’ health and the environment
  • Less experienced workers can easily grind

By requesting a free demo, you will get:

  • A precise calculation of your current consumption of tungsten electrodes and an estimate of the savings you could make
  • A meeting with a specialist demonstrating how the Ultima-Tig grinder works
  • Advice about optimal use based on your needs

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