Generally-speaking, everyone that performs TIG welding has to grind their tungsten electrodes, or else ignition of the electrode will not be possible. Good, correct grinding of the electrode will also ensure uniform, high-quality welding. In a number of sectors, good electrode grinding is extremely important. These sectors are described below. The list is not exhaustive, but provides an insight into the numerous different sectors to which we have delivered grinders.

  • Machinery and equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and laboratory industries
  • Pipe welding
  • Automatic and robot welding
  • Jet engines for aircraft and spacecraft
  • Pump industry
  • Repair and maintenance of nuclear power plants
  • Motorsport, including Rally and Formula One
  • Other production of items, typically in stainless steel and aluminium, in which focus is on quality and appearance of the weld, e.g. handrails, lamps, etc.

We can forward a reference list with selected customers within different sectors.