Inelco Grinders A/S focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of tungsten electrode grinders that are primarily used for TIG welding. We were originally part of Inelco A/S, but in a bid to sharpen focus on tungsten electrode grinders, Inelco Grinders A/S was founded on 1 January 2010. Our aim is to boost our leading position on new and existing markets with tungsten electrode grinders and to develop our business area within this sector.

We have many years’ experience of both dry and wet grinding of tungsten electrodes, and today we enjoy a solid position on the market with dealers in more than 50 countries all over the world, as well as collaborating with some of the biggest manufacturers of welding equipment. With our products, we aim to boost the quality of TIG welding with perfectly ground electrodes, yet at the same time we wish to contribute to health and safety at the workplace by ONLY offering tungsten electrode grinders to the welding industry that are safe and not harmful to the health of the employees working in the industry.

Our grinders are the best and safest grinders on the market today, whilst also being the most profitable due to the fact that they minimise the consumption of expensive tungsten electrodes. We are delighted to be able to give welders throughout the world the chance to experience the advantages of a grinder from Inelco Grinders A/S.

Inelco Grinders A/S
Industrivej 3
DK-9690 Fjerritslev

Tel.: (+45) 96 50 62 33

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In connection with TIG-welding and plasma welding, it is crucial for welding quality that the tungsten electrode is ground at exactly the right angle. Inelco grinders ensure accurate and perfect welding on every occasion. With a solid position amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten grinders, our products are renowned for their unique quality, profitability and precision. Furthermore, our products represent an operator-friendly and eco-friendly solution.


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