How do you avoid inhalation of Tungsten dust when TIG welding? 

It is no secret that the metal working industry, throughout the years, has exposed workers to a fair share of risks. Fortunately, today, a new awareness has spread and the technology introduced on the market is most often taking health & safety into account. 

Despite these important advancements, there is still a lot of space for improvement, especially when it comes to the welding department. 

When grinding Tungsten electrodes, welders are exposed to poisonous dust inhalation, metal particle projections and a higher risk of accidents due to direct contact with the grinding wheel. Unfortunately, there is a lack of legislation and guidelines for reducing dust in connection with grinding of Tungsten electrodes. 

The technology, knowledge and experience already exist on the market – our Ultima-TIG wet grinder – but if you do not have laws or guidelines in the field, then I do not think that health is taken seriously enough. 

Before reading more … you may ask yourself: ARE YOU DISREGARDING TUNGSTEN DUST? 

I hope you find this white paper enlightening and educational! 

Anders Thy
Owner & Managing Director
Inelco Grinders A/S

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