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AutoGrind Digital

Grinding chamber AutoGrind

Spare parts overview

Pos. Item no. Description
1a 75550005 Grinding module for Auto-Grind V2
1b 75560005 Grinding module for AutoGrind Digital V3
2 75550006 Control box
3 74250014 Mains cable 3×1,0
4 74300014 Grinding cable male C14-Schuko female
5a 75550020 Electrode holder for AutoGrind Digital
5b 75560020 Electrode holder for AutoGrind Digital V3
6 44470213 O-ring Ø13×1.5 mm
7 44550022 Stretching screw for mounting on Ultima-TIG/-Cut
8 44550018 Drain ring
9 44492510 Pipe fitting
10 75550019 Tightening screw with drain incl. packing ring
11 75550030 Drain bottle set
12 44491215 Bottle holder
13 40310620 M6x14 hexagon screw
14 44510435 Hexagon key 3 mm
15 75550013 Blocking module for AutoGrind
16 44550000 House AutoGrind
17a 75550012 Axle module AutoGrind
17b 75560012 Axle module AutoGrind V3
18 75550011 Motor module for AutoGrind
19 40310306 Allen screw M3x6
20 44550001 Top grinding module AutoGrind
21 40310320 Allen screw M3x20
22 44550002 Motorcap
23 44550020 Bearing AutoGrind
24 17110035 On/off button AutoGrind
25 44551300 Packing box AutoGrind
26 40110511 Screw M4x12
27 44550017 Teflon disc
28 44550021 Motor Bearing AutoGrind
29 74491429 Plug Foil Key female
30 75550010 Control cable

Scheduled maintenance


The AutoGrind module and control box are maintenance free but needs to be kept dry and clean.

The rotating part in the AutoGrind module is running in two bearings. If dirt and moisture is getting into the bearings, they will not last so long, and it will affect the grinding result.

Changing the two bearings

When the two bearings are worn out, they need to be changed, please contact the distributor where you purchased the AutoGrind or contact us.

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