Precision Grinding and Cutting for TIG Welding

When it comes to achieving the perfect TIG weld, the quality of your Tungsten electrode matters. Inelco Grinders’ Ultima-TIG is the solution you need, offering precise grinding and safe cutting of Tungsten electrodes. Explore the benefits of our Wet Tungsten Grinder.


We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding tungsten grinders and provided the answers below. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with one of our skilled staff.

What Is a Wet Tungsten Grinder?
A wet Tungsten grinder is a specialized tool designed for TIG welding, particularly for the precise grinding and safe cutting of Tungsten electrodes. Inelco Grinders' Ultima-TIG combines wet grinding and cutting in one innovative solution, ensuring optimal performance in your TIG welding projects.
How does a wet tungsten grinder work?
Inelco Grinders' Ultima-TIG-Cut is engineered with a cutting module that guarantees precise grinding at the correct angle and perfect centering of the electrode tip. Wet grinding is essential to prevent electrode overheating and ensure smooth grinding.

Advantages of using a wet tungsten grinder

  • Safe Cutting: Ultima-TIG-Cut allows cutting without the risk of electrode splitting, ensuring a precise and safe cutting process.
  • Sealed Grinding and Cutting Chamber: The device features a sealed chamber with a dust collector to protect the user and maintain a clean working environment.
  • Variable Cutting Length and Angle Setting: This provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust the cutting length and the grinding angle as needed for your specific welding job.
  • High Grinding Speed: Ultima-TIG-Cut offers a high grinding speed for faster results and a smooth electrode surface.
  • Electrode Holder: The electrode holder ensures precise centering of the tip, reducing electrode waste and leading to a quick return on investment.

New Engine Control Features

Ultima-TIG-Cut comes equipped with advanced features for ease of use and safety:

Service Indicator: Receive notifications for servicing requirements, ensuring the grinder’s continued performance.

Overload Protection: Safeguard the device from overload, enhancing its durability.

Readout for Number of Grindings: Keep track of usage for maintenance and electrode replacement.

High-Quality Wet Tungsten Electrode Grinding

Inelco Grinders’ Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut is not only a high-performance tool but also an environmentally friendly and safe solution for TIG welding. It minimizes waste of expensive electrodes and offers numerous advantages:

Unique Disposable Container: This container automatically collects toxic dust particles, ensuring safe disposal and reducing environmental impact.

Precise Cutting: The cutting module provides various setting options for achieving the exact length and angle required for specific welding jobs, including robotic and orbital welding.

Variable Angle Setting: The grinder’s unique clamping system centers the electrode correctly for longitudinal grinding, ensuring weld quality and extending electrode life.

Simple Operation: Grinding and cutting can be done without removing the electrode from the holder, making it a straightforward and efficient process. Set the grinding angle and length once and replicate the same electrode tip consistently.New Engine Control Features

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Experience the advantages of Inelco Grinders’ Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut, an environmentally friendly, precise, and efficient wet Tungsten grinder for TIG welding. Achieve superior welding results with reduced waste and enhanced safety.

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