Service for Ultima-TIG-S

Grinding console


Grinding disc w. accessories

Electrode holder for Ultima-TIG-S

Work table

Dust collector and grinding liquid

Spare parts overview

Pos. Item no. Description
1 75522500 Drain/filling pipe
2 40320410 Retaining screw M4x10
3 44490901 Frame Black W95/1-92
4 44490700 Plastic Inspection Cover W95/1-07
5 44520009 Packing ring for insp.cover
6 44520024 Screw for stick-out
7 44520028 Spring f. stick-out
8 40040670 Screw M6x70
9 62189220 Degree scale
10 75521001 Angle adjustment 4,8
11 44520007 Metal strip stainless
12 44520008 Degree scale bush
13 44521004 Tightning screw 4,8 mm UT-S
14 40310404 Pointed screw M4x6
15 44470124 Rubber pack (membrane), Ø25 mm
16 44520027 Bronze bearing Outward
17 44470312 O-ring Ø12×2.5 mm
18 44521022 Stretching screw 4,8
19 44520025 Bolt for Stickout 4,8 mm UT-S
20 44521030 House for stickout 4,8 mm UT-S
21 44520028 Spring f. stick-out
22 40040670 Screw M6x70
23 41530530 U-wheel UT
24 44520017 Bush for wheel
25 44496525 Screw M5 Lefthand Stainless
26 44490512 Diamond Disc Ultima-TIG
27 44520018 Weather ring for bush
28 44520010 Packing ring for rear plate
29 75521023 Electrode holder for Ø4,8-8mm UT-S
30 75520123 Electrode holder for UT-S Ø0,8-4,0 mm
31 44529011 Work table UT/UT-S
32 40110406 Screw M4x6
33 44470124 Rubber pack (membrane), Ø25 mm
34 44470029 Rubber lead-in ring ø9 mm
35 40040610 Bolt stainless M6x10
36 41711106 Tooth lock washer ø6
37 41110605 Nut M6
38 44529002 Stiffening plate UT+CUT
39 75494500 Dust Collector incl. liquid (UT + W95/1-45)
40 75491200 Grinding liquid 250 ml W95/1-12

Scheduled maintenance

Daily inspection

Visual inspection for damage, leaks, fluid level and degree of contamination of the grinding fluid and the grinding console.

Ensure free movement of the angle adjustment.

Monthly inspection/
1000 grind service

Clean the inside of the grinding chamber when the LED lights yellow or at least once every month following the steps described in the manual or see the video.

Quarterly inspection/
5000 grind service

Visual inspection for damage, leaks, fluid level and degree of contamination of the grinding fluid and the grinding console.

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